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be more productive
reduce time to market

the smartest low-code way to develop your fintech solutions

Empower your developer team and accelerate your time to market with our full stack API solutions with the added benefit of low-code development, trusted by developers, corporates, and financial institutions.

Join our partners, customers, and thousands of developers who are already building a wide range of fintech solutions such as Wallets, Open Banking, or Bank as a Service amongst others with 101OBeX


Unlock Your Productivity Superpowers, Thrive Beyond Limits!

With our cutting-edge full stack platform we’ve got you.  We offer a wide arrange of development tools, to increase your productivity, resulting in a competitive advantage for you.

Get ahead of the curve and join 101OBeX.


101 API Extension for Microsoft Visual Code

101OBeX API Extension for Microsoft Visual Code is our development framework that developers worldwide use to unleash their full potential.

Manage your development teams and projects, and find the perfect tool for each case.


Work in the cloud with two feet on the ground

With 101OBeX you can take advantage of all the power of working in the cloud and in turn, integrate it with your databases -wherever they are- allowing you to comply with the regulations regarding information locations.


Discover the potential of working with our Artificial Intelligence development assistant.

Our Artificial Intelligence assists in developing, reviewing, and refactoring the APIs and code you're using, making it easier to understand and maintain your applications. As part of our commitment to innovation, 101OBeX constantly leverages artificial intelligence technology to enhance our services, and our AI is at the forefront of this revolution.


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