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Explore our DeFi module and take advantage in the new finance world.

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101OBeX helps businesses to innovate about fintech services

If you’re a company looking for a fintech custom-built solution, a growing fintech looking for a technology partner or a small business looking for the tools to enable your ideas – we’ve got you. 101OBeX is built to enable ideas of all sectors, shapes and sizes.

101OBex: The rEvolution

A fully API fintech platform, with more than one hundred API products and a wide collection of plug-ins thanks to our partners. Access a global platform and transform your ideas into projects.

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Work in the cloud with two feet on the ground

With 101OBeX you can take advantage of all the power of working in the cloud and in turn integrate it with your databases -wherever they are- allowing you to comply with the regulations regarding information locations.

Complete production and staging environments

101OBeX offers you a project-based organizational model where each project represents a complete node of operation with scalability and security features, as well as sandbox and staging which will allow you to ensure the delivery of your products and services.

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