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Build a fintech solution that's right for you with 101OBeX for Developers

Whether you're building a fintech solution for startups, small businesses, or enterprises, create a 101OBex developer account and find the resources you need to get up and running.

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Full integration of our API with Microsoft Visual Studio Code, to facilitate the power of development

Get the most out of 101OBeX with our 101 Microsoft Visual Code Extension, and access all your fintech developer account information from the development tool: corporations, teams, projects, APIs and programming quickly thanks to direct access to documentation and auto-completion functionality of API functions.

First of all, download 101CLI from the GitHub repository. Find and install the 101 Visual Studio Extension components in the Microsoft Visual Studio market place and if you want more detail about the components, here is the access to the repositories: 101OBeX API Extension and 101OBeX API Completion.


You can find support on Documentation, API Reference, Git Hub Repository, and Status Page.

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101OBeX offers APIs for new and legacy integrations. Consult our documentation to learn about the 101OBeX ecosystem, all its elements, and the best way to take advantage of each of them.

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API Reference

Try our APIs to optimize your integration experience and find all the details you need for each of the published API Products.

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Status Page

The Status Page is a communication tool that helps inform the 101 community developers about outages and scheduled maintenance on the 101OBeX platform.


Manage all your resources: companies, development teams, projects, components, and manage the security of access to the product API, from the developer portal

From your fintech developer portal as an account administrator, you will be able to manage all the details of your operation. You will be able to manage work teams and do so in different companies, manage spending on components and resources, as well as manage the access that the different components of the development teams have to the product catalog and its accessories.

To browse 101CLI or 101 Visual Code Extension, see our GitHub library

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