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Modern FinTech Software Infrastructure

101OBeX partners with digital leaders to help their customers build applications and services that solve big problems thanks to our robust fintech infrastructure

Developers 101OBeX

Introducing, the Core of our full stack API Platform

101OBeX offers a fully integrated & compliant suite of FinTech services.
Integrate efficiently to build never-before-seen experiences.

Developer Framework

Complete developer framework to manage our full stack API platform.

Project Instances 

Create a full instance project  with a complete data structure, ready to work.

International API Portal

Global hub token identification and distribution access.

Developers 101OBeX

Internacional DDBB Locations

Compliant with international and local regulations about where the data is stored.

Regional API Managers

Manage optimised transactions by attending API requests from each territory.

Developers 101OBeX
Developers 101OBeX

Fully Managed FinTech Functionality

Customers |  Processes  |  Universality  |  Analytics

Developers 101OBeX


Analyse and dissect any data about your solutions and projects. 


Develop what ever you want, allow access to anyone and connect with whoever you need. 


Manage a complete fintech platform solution about onboarding, credentials, access, and services.


More than an API service, we offer a complete collection of business processes through a full stack API platform.

Developers 101OBeX

101OBeX takes the complexity
out of FinTech

We’ve got banking, payments, cards, security, ops, 
risk & compliance covered.  So, you can focus on building the 
right experience. Discover your use case.

Developers 101OBeX

Highly Configurable

101OBeX  is 100% customizable. Empowering developers with flexibility to code whole options for seamless development, integration, and innovation.

Developers 101OBeX

Fully Managed

Unleash your full potential with our fully managed API fintechplatform. Allow the team leader to simplify, scale, and innovate with ease your projects and development teams.

Developers 101OBeX

Bank-Grade Security

101OBeX offers bank-grade security with robust encryption, multi-factor authentication, and stringent access controls, ensuring your data and APIs are always protected wherever you want.

Developers 101OBeX

Dev Friendly

The ultimate developer-friendly IDE. Have access to full stack API products, bring your APIs and share them with your team crating an amazing collaboration ecosystem, and unleash limitless innovation.

Developers 101OBeX

API Management

We are constantly designing, publishing, documenting, securing, and analyzing APIs. Making our APIs easily discoverable and reusable, ensuring that they are properly governed and secured.

Developers 101OBeX

Bank Partnership

Powered by more than 5,000 banks around the world. We ensure reliable and secure access to the customers information, and make transactions like payments, remittance and lending.

Complete control and oversight of your developer teams via Dashboard

The 101OBeX Dashboard offers an interface to build and manage your developer teams. You can configure your developer teams, and manage their privileges. Build your private API and share it with your teams, all with account-level transaction visibility in dashboard.

Developers 101OBeX

Ready to start with building
your FinTech experience?

Start Building

Start building and keep innovating with 101OBeX’s FinTech Infrastructure. We can’t wait to see what you build. Get Started now.

Need Help?

Have a use case that you'd like to talk about? We'd love to learn more. Let's get in touch and figure out together.

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