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How 101OBeX is Solving Key Development Challenges

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In the fast-paced world of fintech software development, where time, cost-efficiency, and regulatory compliance are paramount, developers and organizations often find themselves facing substantial hurdles. The critical issues include slow development cycles, exorbitant costs, low productivity rates, and the complexities of adapting to ever-evolving regulatory environments. Enter 101OBeX, a full-stack platform that is redefining the landscape of financial technology development.

The Challenges in Fintech Development:Before diving into how 101OBeX tackles these challenges, let's explore the problems plaguing the fintech development arena:

Lack of Qualified Personnel: Skilled developers are a rare commodity. Less than 1% of the world's population possesses the expertise required to develop financial solutions.

Low Knowledge of the Sector: Fintech is a highly specialized field that demands a deep understanding of financial intricacies, regulations, and market dynamics.

Adaptation to Regulatory Environments: Fintech solutions must adhere to stringent regulatory frameworks, which are subject to constant evolution.

High Costs: Developing fintech solutions, particularly from scratch, often incurs substantial financial burdens.

Multiple Interactions and Services: Fintech projects require integration with various external systems, such as ERPs, SAP, and more, increasing complexity and development time.

101OBeX: A Game-Changer in Fintech Development

Now, let's delve into how 101OBeX addresses these challenges head-on:

1. Full Stack API Platform: At the core of 101OBeX is a digital banking platform boasting over five hundred APIs. This API-driven approach accelerates development by providing pre-built, customizable components for common financial functionalities.

2. Developer-Focused Tools: 101OBeX offers a suite of developer tools, including the 101 Developer Studio, which can be integrated into various development environments. This empowers developers to work efficiently and collaboratively.

3. Seamless Integration: The 101 Connectors service simplifies integration with external systems, reducing development time and costs.

4. Low-Code Development: The 101 API Designer (Low-Code) tool streamlines API development by allowing developers to create APIs without extensive programming knowledge, increasing productivity.

5. Global Open Banking Data: Access to banking information from over 5,200 financial institutions worldwide through 101 Open Banking eXperience expedites the development of banking-related applications.

6. AI-Powered Assistance: Brunix AI, a virtual assistant with full context of 101OBeX APIs, assists programmers throughout the development process, offering insights and reducing the learning curve.

7. Analytics for Optimization: The 101 Analytics tool empowers development teams to make data-driven decisions, optimizing resource allocation and productivity.

8. Application Templates: Catalogs of product templates enable organizations to kickstart projects immediately, saving valuable time and resources.

Conclusion: Accelerating Fintech Innovation

In a fintech landscape characterized by high demand, complex regulations, and a shortage of skilled developers, 101OBeX stands as a beacon of hope. By providing a full-stack apified experience, developer-centric tools, and AI-powered assistance, it addresses the challenges that have long plagued the industry. The result? Increased productivity, reduced time to market, and greater efficiency in software development investment.

As of 2023, with 27.7 million developers worldwide and counting, the market demands solutions that can bridge the gap between supply and demand. 101OBeX is leading the charge, revolutionizing fintech development and enabling organizations to thrive in this dynamic sector.

For fintech innovators, the path forward is clear: Embrace the power of 101OBeX and redefine the future of financial technology.



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