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A catalog of products designed to make work easy for developers

101OBeX offers a catalog of products that combines power with ease of use and that will allow development teams not only to have API products oriented to the development of fintech services, but will also provide them with the flexibility to connect with different databases and do it in any location internationally. With 101OBeX you will be able to use any of its app templates to speed up the developments you are facing and offer, management teams, the best analysis, and reporting tools thanks to 101 Analitica and 101 Visual Reporter.


The best catalog API products for fintech developments.

A catalog with more than 500 APIs that does not stop growing, offering an increasingly complete service.


Connect with the market
leaders in each service you need.

Connect with the providers and trusted third parties you need, without having to work on different tools, or performing different integrations.


Connect with the most used databases.

Select the database that best suits your project and determine its location. Develop in the cloud or locally.


Use professional templates for the development of your apps.

Use templates from successful projects around the world and share yours with other developers who can use them.


The best way to exploit your data.

Do anything from tracking query load to understanding how requests flow through your developments.


Design, share and exploit reports easily.

Design reports, data analysis and dashboards in just a few minutes, and let your users do it themselves.


Your window into the 101 AI Analytic

101 Analitica is a free and open user interface that lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack. Do anything from tracking query load to understanding the way requests flow through your apps.

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