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Use cases for 101OBeX


We present some use cases where 101OBeX can help you in your projects. Discover yours and use the power of 101OBeX to empower your development teams.


Streamline and speed up the onboarding process for new customers. Ready-to-use onboarding templates.

Know Your Customer

Offering A Customizable KYC Solution Built Around Your Business Needs, Goals & Priorities.

Single Sing On

Create A Modern Identity Management Stack To Unlock Productivity And Transform Business.


You can see and manage info, activity, security options, and privacy preferences about your customers.


Allow your users to create a digital account, transfer money, create a virtual card, make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and more.


Access the possibilities offered by working with blockchain and innovate with new solutions for your customers.


Organize and manage your collections with a powerful tool that allows you to manage your accounts.


Have your  point of sale on your cell phone or tablet, saving money and streamlining your collections.

Virtual Cards

Provide your customers with virtual cards, whether you are a bank or not. Tailored for loyalty solutions


Powerful communications manager for your clients. Always keep your customers informed and don't miss opportunities.

Payments Acceptance

Accept payments on your cell phone and generate payment links that you can send by email.

Money Transfer

Transfer Send, Transfer Receive, store value in card or any other electronic device.

 The database or API you’re looking for? Contact us to submit a request.
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